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Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Hundreds of my photos have been published by Lonely Planet and used to accompany articles I have written for travel magazines, newspapers and websites. Many more have been included in the Travel Pack: Bali & Lombok (Tuttle, USA) published in early 2014 and Journey Through Bali by Periplus (Singapore), to be published later in 2015.

Most of my photos are about South East Asia, and can be viewed on my personal page on Flickr (click on 'Sets')

If you wish to use any of these photos, please contact me.

Film Clips

Armed with digital handy-cams, I have recently taken to filming my travels - but certainly not my scripts, which sounds far too difficult. I have started a series of YouTube channels under the '... in a Minute' banner. Bali in a Minute has 336 one-minute clips about everything to see and do in and around Bali.

This has morphed into Ubud in a Minute which I created in Bali during July 2015 with exactly 200 one-minute clips. Businesses in Ubud were able to promote themselves with a clip for a very modest cost - often for free in exchange for a meal or night's accommodation. I will be doing the Gili Islands in a Minute YouTube channel from 4 to 23 December 2015.

Similarly, I haved created Mannum in a Minute with the local tourist office and council for free about things to see and do in and around my home town. It included about 80 one-minute film clips about local tourist-related businesses.

Kanowit, Malaysia



After writing 'The Oates Trilogy', it occurred to me that I should try writing film scripts because: (a) they're easier to write than books, especially as my strengths are dialogue and plots; and (b) film producers are actively seeking scripts while publishers are not doing the same for books. So, the little people in my brain returned to help me write scripts for two full-length movies. These were rejected and ignored but recently converted to novellas and available for free on Smashwords.

Heaven Nor Hell

Three journalism students investigate 'The Eternal Drug' created by scientists to bring people back to life so they can disprove the existence of Heaven and Hell. But what would pharmaceutical companies do to find the formula for the drug? How far would The Vatican go to stop it being sold? In what way are the President's mother and the group called GROUP involved? And did the drug really exist in the first place?

Despite the serious themes about religion, science and politics, this 'action-comedy-drama' is light-hearted and fun. It can be set in any country.

Cinnamon Sweat (Too Fat to Rock 'n Roll)

A one-hit group from the 1970s called Cinnamon Sweat performs at a remote town for Deb, the band's original and now only member of its fan club. While the event is being webcast for a reality online channel, the producers focus on which band member is Deb's father and ignore The Big Story: which of the band killed the original guitarist during that fateful tour of 1975.

This quirky comedy is set in the Australian outback, but the film could be easily located in any remote town anywhere in the world. I also wrote the original words and music, including the songs 'I Hope You Die Before I Get Old' and the finale, 'Too Fat to Rock 'n Roll'.

One-Act Plays

With only one scene/act in a classroom, Class Act is a balanced parable about asylum seekers that is brimming with symbolism. The characters (students, teacher and principal) represent various sections of the community in this divisive issue: the refugees, the government, and people who are sympathetic and those who are not. 

A Halt in Play is another comedy murder-mystery that was shortlisted by the 2014 Carnival of Flowers One-Act Playwriting Competition organised by the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre in Queensland.

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Bali Billy

Bali Billy is now available

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